Angela’s Christmas (Netflix)

I agree with this blogger’s review. It is a good show especially for younger children. Thank you Rachael at rpbooklist.wordpress.com for reviewing this short movie!


AngelasChristmas.jpgAngela’s Christmas is a cute Christmas story geared towards young children and based off of a book called Angela and the Baby Jesus by Frank McCourt. The movie tells the story of Angela who notices that the Baby Jesus in the manger has no clothes. Concerned he is cold, she steals him in an attempt warm him up.

While the movie is geared towards children, adults will enjoy watching the show with their child/children as Angela’s genuine sincerity as she tries to warm Baby Jesus will put a smile on your face. I will be putting it on my “favorites” list for those with young children.

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Miraculous (TV Show found on Netflix)

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir, or just simply called Miraculous Ladybug, is about two young superheroes- Ladybug and Chat Noir- who defend Paris from citizens-turned-villain. These "akumatizations," the term for when a special butterfly called an akuma possesses an ordinary citizen, are the work of a super-villain named Hawk Moth, who desires the Miraculous of Ladybug and Chat Noir.


Celtic Thunder (Music Group)

I know this is neither movie nor book, but I am sharing my review of the group anyway, because I greatly enjoy their music, and wanted to share them with you all 😀 So here we go:

Gabby's Gabbing

Celtic Thunder is an all-male Irish singing group. They travel on tour every other year and have released over 20 DVDs, my favorite being Mythology.  Below is one of my favorite songs from that album:

Current members:

Neil Byrne

Emmet Cahill

Ryan Kelly

Damien McGinty

Michael O’Dwyer

And the Celtic Thunder Band: Music Director David Munro, Violinist Nicole Hudson, Harpist Seana Davey, Bass Charles Foley, Guitarist Conal Early, Piper/Whistler Conal Duffy, Drummer Guy Rickarby, and Keyboard-ist Peter Sheridan

George Donaldson (d. 2014), Paul Byrom, Colm Keegan, Emmett O’Hanlon, and Keith Harkin are previous singers.

Fun facts:

All Celtic Thunder singers are Irish.

Neil Byrne used suitcases to drum on when he was a toddler.

Emmet Cahill was named “Most Promising Young Singer” in 2010 at the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

Ryan Kelly played Judas Iscariot in “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

Damien McGinty’s first album was “Christmas Time.”

Michael O’Dwyer loves…

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The Princess Switch

My Stars: 4.5 The Princess Switch (Netflix) opens on a baker named Stacy. We learn she is very organized and planned. She is invited to a royal baking competition. While there, she bumps into the duchess, who is engaged to the prince. Realizing how much Stacy and Duchess Margaret look alike, Margaret asks Stacy to… Continue reading The Princess Switch

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The Polar Express

My stars: 4 stars The Polar Express is a sweet Christmas movie. The main character (along with many others) has no name, so that YOU can place yourself in his shoes. The boy does not believe in Santa Claus; he has tried for many years to prove Santa isn't real. But, one night, a TRAIN… Continue reading The Polar Express


Nancy Drew Mystery Stories

I like Nancy Drew books. I've posted some of my comments on a few of them.

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Septimus Heap (Book Series)

Septimus Heap, by Angie Sage Septimus Heap, by Angie Sage 5 stars, all the way through. I love the whole series!!!!!!!!! Definitely on my favorites list.  Magyk (Septimus Heap, Book 1): Septimus Heap is pronounced dead at birth and taken from his family. Jenna is a little baby found in the forest by Silas Heap. … Continue reading Septimus Heap (Book Series)

My Own Compositions

The Maiden’s Beauty; A Children’s Story

After a pretty Maiden refuses to marry an evil Wizard, The Wizard turns the Maiden ugly. The Prince decides to set out on a quest to return her beauty. Will he succeed? Or will the Maiden stay ugly forever?

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Fairest by Gail Carson Levine 5 stars I have heard so much hype about this book, I finally got it from the library. I almost read it in one day! It was THAT GOOD! I say I almost read it in a day, because I was on the epilogue when one of my siblings came in and asked, "Are… Continue reading Fairest


Thank you, Veterans

Gabby's Gabbing

Here is a poem from the bottom of my heart. It is dedicated to you, veterans, whether you served at home or overseas. And active military – I haven’t forgotten you. You deserve so much gratitude too! (Unintentional rhyme 🙂 )  Family of veterans- you provided so much support for your relatives- whether they are your parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, great grandparents, great-great grandparents, E.T.C! You were their loving sta-bil-i-ty. (ETC rhymes with stability. Did you catch that? It started off as unintentional too 😀 ) 🙂

Thank you, veterans.

We can’t thank you enough.

You offered up your time,

Your limbs, or even your life.

You missed so many holi- and birth-days, working out on the field,

You sacrificed those days so the bad would yield.

How can we thank you, veterans?

You who gave so much?

How can we thank you, veterans?

You were there when times…

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